Easy Giggles Handheld Bidet / Cloth Diaper Sprayer Set

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IMPORTANT: Your toilet tank’s water inlet diameter should be 7/8″ for this set to be installed. This is the diameter for most toilets in the United States so it will most probably fit your toilet but you should do a check just to be sure. Please also note that we advise to turn off the water supply to the sprayer when it is not in use (using the T-valve adapter’s lever) to prolong the lifespan of the sprayer and also to avoid any unwanted accidents. The sprayer and hose will not be able to withstand the constant water pressure (especially when it is at maximum level) over a long period of time. This is not a design or quality issue, pressure wears anything down, even rocks! If you are not able to turn the water supply off after each use, adjust the water supply using the T-valve adapter’s lever to a low level (suitable for use as a handheld bidet) so that the water pressure on the hose and sprayer is not that high.

Please note that we do not provide free returns for this product because this is a product that is needed by a lot of households right now. If you do not intend to use it, please do not purchase it and leave it for someone who needs it. It is not possible for us to resell any returned items for sanitary reasons and they will go to waste. We do however, provide a 2 year warranty along with your purchase so you are assured that you can use it for at least 2 years. This is on the condition that you take good care of your sprayer by turning off the water supply to it when the sprayer is not in use. We will also provide any assistance (through our support email) if needed to make sure that it works.

“The must have toilet accessory to get through this pandemic!”

Toilet papers are in short supply now so why not get a bidet sprayer for your toilet? Not only will you save lots of money on toilet paper, it will be able to last you at least 2 years with our 2 year warranty that is included with your purchase. You will not need to worry about fighting with someone else for that last roll of toilet paper like so many others. It also cleans a lot better and you’ll be saving the environment by reducing waste too! More importantly, you will be self sufficient for the foreseeable future.

Our sprayer set includes everything necessary for installation into your existing toilet. We have even included extra washers and a Teflon tape so you will not need to get these separately if you need them. All these make for an easy 10 minute installation that you will be able to perform without a professional! Check out our installation video here:

We have taken the trouble to personally walk the factory grounds and source for the best parts for our sprayer set. Our goal is to provide a sprayer set that works great, looks great, and has excellent durability. The sprayer set consists of:

304 stainless steel handheld sprayer

Stainless steel hose with nylon braided EPDM inner tube

Brass T-valve adapter with brass core

Stainless steel hanger set

Teflon tape

Extra washers

304 stainless steel handheld sprayer

Made from 304 stainless steel, which is a very high grade of stainless steel, the sprayer is resistant to oxidation, corrosion and has increased durability. This sprayer is tested to be able to withstand more than 250 PSI of water pressure so it is indeed a sturdy sprayer (you won’t be using it at that pressure of course). The brushed nickel finish and simple yet elegant design makes this an attractive addition to your bathroom.

Stainless steel hose with nylon braided EPDM inner tube

The stainless steel casing of the hose has a coil design to allow for maximum flexibility. The inner tube is made from high grade EPDM and reinforced with nylon braiding. We have even increased the thread density of the nylon braiding to provide better support for the inner tube. The washers at both ends of the hose are made from high quality rubber for higher durability and a better fit.

Brass T-valve adapter with brass core

The T-valve adapter is what allows you to install the sprayer into your existing toilet easily. This creates a water outlet point at your toilet’s water supply connector so that the sprayer and hose can be installed. We have included detailed instructions in our set that will guide you through this process.

Our T-valve adapter’s body is made from brass for added strength, with a brass core to match. This makes it much more durable than a T-valve adapter with a ceramic core. The chrome finish gives it a very attractive look! (Please note that your toilet tank’s water inlet diameter should be 7/8″ for this to be installed correctly)

Stainless steel hanger set

The holder for the sprayer is made from stainless steel with brushed nickel finish. This makes the holder strong, sturdy and durable. It also has a consistent look with the sprayer and looks great in any setting. You have an option to either install this on your bathroom wall, or hang it on the toilet tank.

Our friendly customer service officers will always be ready to help you if you need any assistance at all. We have also included an extended 2 years warranty at no extra cost to you!

Get your handheld bidet sprayer set today before stocks run out!

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Weight 1.6 lbs

7 reviews for Easy Giggles Handheld Bidet / Cloth Diaper Sprayer Set

  1. Ashley Pfohl

    If you’re cloth diapering, you need it.

    We started cloth diapering our 2 year old because we have another baby coming and decided to switch. My naive self thought I wouldn’t need a diaper sprayer. HA! You sweet summer child…This thing is a lifesaver. Never force yourself to have to do a dunk and swish, guys, trust me. My husband had a pretty easy time installing it, and it works great.

  2. D. L. Hiatt

    Fantastic product, I liked it so much I bought another. You won’t be disappointed highly recommended

    I have on these before and I cannot say enough good things about this one. When I open the box I was shocked at how nice it was, fantastic materials excellent workmanship and durable.
    Something you should be very aware of is having this on in your house if the hose breaks it will ruin anything around it, I have had to fail, luckily I was nearby. This one looks like it is made to last a lifetime and add a very good price to boot.
    A person should never consider a cheap price when buying something they can damage your whole house.

    I also have to say it has the best nozzle of anyone I’ve ever used, very variable and really strong if you need it.

  3. Sajeena

    Recommended purchase!

    I got this because 1) I’m about to give birth and anticipate it will be helpful for post partum clean up/not using toilet paper plus to wash off cloth diapers 2) I’m (half) Asian and I’ve used them before- I know they are great if you have one of decent quality.

    My experience with this brand (Easy giggles)

    Simple packaging. Simple and easy to follow instructions for installation, plus tips on what do if it leaks/common mistakes, plus links to videos if you are a visual person (I did not use them though).

    Material was sturdy and had some weight to it- it felt like good quality metal without loose parts or cheap plastic bits. The metal piece you depress to open up the water flow seemed good quality, too. Everything fit nicely. I did not use the wall mount, just the toilet hanger. Make sure you have it oriented correctly.

    I used the PTFE tape everywhere possible- mine has no leaks.

    AAAAAND I did it all at 37 weeks pregnant so there ya go. It took me maybe 10-15 min to install (including figuring out which direction to apply the tape..)

    I’m very happy- seems like a good company that takes pride in its product. Along with a squatting stool, this makes my toilet a pretty luxurious place to let it all out.

  4. ADM

    Quality made, strong spray!

    This product exceeded my expectations. The box it came in was sturdy and all of the pieces were separated and secure. The entire sprayer assembly feels weighty like a good quality plumbing product should feel. Directions were easy to follow. I installed this in about 20 minutes including unpacking, finding tools and keeping my 10 month old grandson from getting into everything! No leaks on first try and the sprayer is amazing! Spray power shocked me, but was simple to control by either pressing the handle lighter or adjusting the valve stop where the sprayer meets the toilet. This thing can spray poo EASILY off a diaper OR the bowl!

  5. Lin-z

    Great from dirty diapers

    This works great! It’s a very high pressure sprayer so you’ll definitely want to purchase with a splash guard if using on diapers. We installed it so the on & shut-off valve is on the outside of the toilet, the instructions showed the valves installed Under the tank of the toilet but it was a complete pain to turn on and off tucked under the tank so we just rotated positions and is much easier. I have no problems using one handed with a baby in the other arm. Although I could see this being difficult to turn on and off for some one who had back problems or difficulties bending over.

  6. Amber

    Awesome product

    I had to have help installing it correctly, the instructions don’t mention the need for any tools, I am so glad I purchased this. It’s super handy and very well made.

    I live in an apartment without any kind of hose, and having one in the bathroom has really helped out a lot for many different reasons. We use it for all sorts of things. Filling buckets, cleaning, cloth diapers, bidet… it’s a life saver

  7. James

    Best cloth diaper sprayer

    This is the best diaper sprayed we’ve ever had. We’ve cloth diapered 4 kids and had about 4 different sprayers before this one and they all seriously sucked. They’d start out working nice (mostly because the one before it sucked so bad it seemed like the new one was fabulous) and we’d usually have to replace it within 6 months at the most. We finally decided to try Amazon since we buy so many other things here, and we found this gem. My favorite part is the stainless steel hose. It moves around so easily! The sprayer shoots a very concentrated spray making it fast to get poop off diapers. We’ve been using this for at least 2 months now and there are no songs of leakage of the handle breaking. The handle works in a way that I don’t think it will start leaking water or break. If you’re doing cloth diapers save yourself tome, frustration and money and just get this sprayer.

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